Neil Young

Look Out For My Love

Composed by Neil Young

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Love and doubt are the themes of "Look Out for My Love," a typical Neil Young lyric concern set to an unusually subdued Young and Crazy Horse sound. One of Young's more yearning vocal readings with acoustic guitar to match, the song shifts from acoustic to electric mode with a light hand; the mid-narrative switch to power chord-age underscores the wound-tight sound of the tiny acoustic verses. Though while asking the big questions, the narrator in "Look Out..." seems be at peace with not knowing the answers -- he reasons they will come if he is patient. Though the song ultimately found a place on Young's album devoted to home and hearth, 1979's Comes a Time, it was originally recorded and included on the unreleased 1977 acetate, Chrome Dreams. A moving, refreshed solo acoustic reading of "Look Out for My Love" appears on Unplugged (1993); Linda Ronstadt recorded an electric country version of it for her 1980 album Mad Love.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Comes a Time 1978 Reprise 4:06
Chrome Dreams 1992 Red Robin 4:06
Official Releases Series, Discs 8.5-12 2016 Reprise / Warner Music 4:04