Fleetwood Mac

Long Grey Mare

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Fleetwood Mac obviously wanted to cover several different blues styles on their debut album, and they definitely do so. "Long Grey Mare" is an up-tempo almost jump blues with a strong boogie feeling. A straight-ahead 4/4 rock/blues progression guides the melody, which is buttressed by Peter Green's tasteful harmonica work. Although the lyrics are certainly derivative of several older blues songs, the overall effect is that of an excellent period piece and shows off the band's ensemble playing quite well.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Fleetwood Mac [1968] 1968 Sony Music Distribution 2:14
Black Magic Woman 1971 Epic
No Image 1987 2:14
Fleetwood Mac/Mr. Wonderful/Pious Bird of Good Omen 1998 Sony Music Distribution 2:14
The Vaudeville Years of Fleetwood Mac: 1968 to 1970 1998 Sanctuary 0:00
The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions: 1967-1969 1999 Sire 2:14
Green Shadows 2003 Metro 2:01