Live Forever

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The just-right drum pound at the start sets the stage, but when the intermingled guitar line, piano notes, and vocals from Liam Gallagher cut in, something special is in the air. Voted the all-time favorite Oasis song by the band's fans via its official website, "Live Forever," the band's third single, was arguably the one which showed the band really had something, hot wiring the group's obvious love of the Beatles at its uplifting best into something even more fiery. Noel Gallagher's lyrics were rarely so direct or heartfelt -- "Maybe you're the same as me" may not seem like much on its own, but in a world of self-obsessed songwriting, it's a low-key acknowledgement that dreams belong to everyone, a statement both romantic and person-to-person on all levels. The pace is slower than some Oasis numbers, but just right for it, shimmering guitars and a not-bad solo all over the place, the occasional steps back before the whole band comes in again simple but effective. The slight variation at the end, Noel Gallagher adding in a brief descending glam chord as his brother repeats the title line with an ache in his voice, all before one last searing solo, is the final cherry on the cake.

Appears On

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