Little Willy

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Sweet's first major American hit single, "Little Willy" trails more playground innuendo than most people could fit into an entire album, let alone a three-minute pop song. It is, naturally, utterly irresistible, a chanting, stomping ode to -- well, that's best left to the imagination -- its wild, singalong chorus as infectious as any of the band's earlier releases, but, like "Poppa Joe," laying over an arrangement which is moving closer and closer to Sweet's own sound. Indeed, although the group itself was once again not required to play on the record, this would be the last time that happened, a pledge that the distinctly Andy Scott-styled guitar line makes plain. Sweet, incidentally, hated the song. Nicky Chinn recalled: "Michael and I were definitely autocratic with our bands, and I became aware of that when we were told [by Sweet] that "Little Willy" was a piece of rubbish and had no right to be released. It wasn't exactly a symphony, of course, but...it was a hit, and we told them it was going to be released whatever they thought of it."

Appears On

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