Neil Young

Let's Roll

Composed by Neil Young

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One of the finest, most effective songs from Are You Passionate, "Let's Roll" was written about the September 11 attacks on the United States. Written from the point of view of Todd Beamer and the passengers of the airplane that ended up crashing in a Pennsylvania field instead of hijackers' intended target. A great, proud tale of patriotism in action, it chillingly reflects what family members say were the last words they heard people say before the passengers attempted to divert the plane. Musically, Neil Young casts this modern folk tale in a dark, brooding blues/rock groove, which moves with a sinewy intensity that is extremely captivating. Between Young's own explosive electric guitar work and Booker T. Jones' formidable organ riffs, it captures a chapter in American history with incredible accuracy and emotion, making this one of Young's finest songs and records of his awesome career. CSN&Y also made this a centerpiece in their 2002 American concerts, with Young and Stephen Stills providing one of the classic electric guitar duels, to the delight of audiences.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Are You Passionate? 2002 Reprise 5:54