Deep Purple


Composed by Ritchie Blackmore / Ian Gillan / Roger Glover / Jon Lord / Ian Paice

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Expanded to ten minutes and twenty-seven seconds on the blockbuster Made In Japan live album, "Lazy" plays at 7:19 in its original incarnation from the Machine Head disc, a snappy blues/rock number with minimal lyrics and superb playing. The progression from Deep Purple In Rock to Fireball to Machine Head can certainly be felt in the grooves here, for "Lazy" is anything but; it can only be considered laid back because it comes in between the two gargantuan riffs that make up "Smoke On The Water" and "Space Truckin' " which sandwich it on side two of what Warner Brothers thought would be the break-through disc for Deep Purple. Jon Lord's dragons and dungeons organ pervades the opening while some tasty Ritchie Blackmore guitarmanship plays over the shuffling vamp awaiting Ian Gillan's appearance. The singer's voice happens deep inside the tune along with a charming harp solo in between the verses. Deep Purple modulates after the vocal is complete and intensifies the performance which shifts from blues to hard rock & roll. It's a song which, like the band crafting it, mutates before your ears proving that the Purple had a firm grasp of the style they were perfecting over the previous two albums.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Machine Head 1972 Warner Bros. / WEA 7:21
No Image 1972 Warner Bros.
No Image 1993 Crystal Cat
No Image 1995 Warner Bros. / Purple 7:19
No Image 1999 WEA International 7:19
Inside Deep Purple 1969-1976: An Independent Critical Review 2003 Classic Rock
The Anthology [DVD] 2004 Intense
Rock Milestones: Made in Japan 2006 Classic Rock Legends
Now What?! 2013 Eagle Records 0:00
The Complete Albums 1970-1976 2013 Rhino / Warner Bros. / Warner Music 11:01