Spanky & Our Gang

Lazy Day

Composed by George Fischoff / Tony Powers

Song Review by

Perhaps the definitive Spanky and Our Gang song, as well as one of the great sunshine pop hits of all time, "Lazy Day" encapsulates all that's great about this group. The song, by Tony Powers and George Fischoff, is as chastely decadent as its title, positing picking daisies and playing with balloons as the most fun activities a young and in-love couple can participate in, but Spanky McFarlane and crew deliver the somewhat square lyrics with their customary jazz-pop brio and some excellent four-part harmonies, and the arrangement is just over the top enough to be entertaining. Equal parts hip and square, "Lazy Day" is a giddy joy no matter what.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Spanky and Our Gang 1967 Mercury / Universal 3:08
No Image 1968 2:50
No Image 1969 3:09
Spanky's Greatest Hit(s) [1988] 1988 Mercury 3:05
Better Days [Rhino] 1992
Various Artists
Rhino 3:09
No Image 1994 Special Music 3:05
'60s Rock Hits [Rhino] 1997
Various Artists
Rhino Flashback 3:09
60's Hits [Columbia River] 1999
Various Artists
Columbia River Entertainment Group 3:05
No Image 1999
Various Artists
Warner Special Products / Echo 3:05
The Complete Mercury Recordings 2005 Fontana / Hip-O Select 3:09
The Best of Spanky & Our Gang: 20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection 2005 Island Mercury / Mercury 3:05
Chartbusters USA: Sunshine Pop 2009
Various Artists
Ace 3:07
Lazy Day Strategic Marketing 2:25