George Benson

Lady Love Me (One More Time)

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By the early '80s Wes Montgomery's heir apparent was becoming most known for his Donny Hathaway inspired vocals. Hits like "This Masquerade", "On Broadway" and "Give Me The Night" soon followed. "Lady Love Me from In Your Eyes" accentuates Benson's pop/r&b savvy with great results. In a teaming that had to happen to insure the world didn't spin off its axis, Benson is produced here by Arif Mardin. Mardin himself was coming off a string of successful albums with Chaka Khan. For "Lady Love Me" Mardin and Benson stay the commercial jazzy course and the results are surprisingly potent. With Hamish Stuart helping out on the great backing vocals and Steve Ferrone's trademark tough drumming, this was a rightful instant classic. Benson and his often-undervalued vocals carry this however. He's every bit the longing swain here, mustering up phony courage, a little distance and bravado until he starts begging, less than a minute in the song. The push and pull caused this to be more layered than the standard pop/jazz fare of the day. In fact, for a song that was probably deemed "too '80s" in the '80s, this has held up extremely well.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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Love Unlimited 2001
Various Artists
Telstar TV Records 4:00
The Greatest Hits of All 2003 Rhino 4:01
Very Best of George Benson: The Greatest Hits of All 2004 Warner Music / WEA International 4:01
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101 Soul Anthems 2011
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EMI / EMI Music Distribution / Source Interlink / Virgin 3:59
The Ultimate Collection 2015 Rhino 4:00