La Isla Bonita

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"La Isla Bonita" is the most prescient song on True Blue, an early indicator of the Latin influence that would wash over dance pop a year or so after this album's release (Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's singles, Pet Shop Boys' "Domino Dancing," too many other examples to count). Its combination of flamenco guitar, Latin percussion and electronics sounds a bit dated after the flood of similar songs that followed -- which, it must be said, includes Madonna's own "Who's That Girl," which sounds like a hastily cobbled-together rewrite -- but at the time, "La Isla Bonita" was something fresh and enjoyably new. It still sounds better than most of its followers due to Madonna's purring lead vocal, one of her sexiest and most understated performances.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
True Blue 1986 Sire 0:00
La Isla Bonita 1987 WEA International 5:27
The Immaculate Collection 1990 Sire 3:48
No Image 1990 Sire 0:00
Ritmos Calientes Bailables 1995 Dismex Sonoamerica 3:53
No Image 1998 3:46
Three for One Box Set 1999 WEA International 4:02
Immaculate Collection/Something to Remember 2001 WEA International 3:48
Steel Drum Planet 2007 Cashew Steel 4:21
Celebration 2009 Warner Bros. 4:03
Bits n' Bobs 2016 Zip City 5:52
The Very Best of Madonna 3:47