Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)

Composed by Andrew Farriss / Michael Hutchence

Song Review by

Andrew Farriss begins it all with a simple three-note strum that becomes the core of the song, but by the time "Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)" is over, it's clear that INXS had a bit of a hidden treasure in this track from the Listen Like Thieves album. With Garry Beers laying down a steady, focused bass line that the song rides just so, "Kiss the Dirt" balances out a wistful dreaminess with the crisp focus that the group had by then made its particular stock in trade. Said wistfulness really comes to the fore on the chorus -- Michael Hutchence having sung the verses with a sweet tenderness, the addition of backing vocals, and a just-strong-enough synth line adding elements of warmth and chill both. Things pick up as the song goes on, with a snarling guitar line and other background touches further fleshing down the arrangement in a late instrumental break until everything strips back for one final verse/chorus combination.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Listen Like Thieves 1985 Atlantic 3:52
No Image 1985 Atlantic
Out of Bounds: Journey Through Modern Rock 1999
Various Artists
Beast Records / Simitar Distribution 3:52
Shine Like It Does: The Anthology (1979-1997) 2001 Rhino 3:56
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Box Set 2002
Original Soundtrack
Sony Music Distribution 3:53
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vol. 4: Flash FM 2002
Original Game Soundtrack
Sony Music Distribution 3:53
The Years 1979-1997 2002 Universal Distribution / Universal International 3:56
I'm Only Looking: The Best of INXS 2004 Rhino
Listen Like Thieves/X 2012 ADA / Relayer Records 3:55
The INXS Collection 1980-1993 Atlantic / Rhino 3:56