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Quite why it is that the U.K. label best known for bringing Belle and Sebastian to the world named themselves after an upfront, glam rock smash number-one single -- the type of thing seemingly antithetical to the world of indie whimsy -- is a mystery for the gods to figure out. In the meantime, there's the song itself, another smash T. Rex hit, but ironically one that Marc Bolan never approved of for single release and whose appearance caused him to split from his then label to set up a wholly new one under his control. Whatever the reason for his disapproval, it couldn't have been because of quality -- if not quite the totally undeniable "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" in terms of instant classic status, "Jeepster" still kicks with a perfect bite. Recorded and performed in the rough, Sun Studios-inspired rockabilly fashion Bolan loved but with Tony Visconti's production adding the right clarity and punch throughout, "Jeepster" is as pure T. Rex as it gets, from the sex and sass to the descending chords in the chorus, strings along for the ride. Mickey Finn's percussion, emerging just enough from its usual not-really-there status, adds to the chugging feeling the Steve Currie/Bill Legend rhythm section effectively creates, while Bolan pulls out every car/girl comparison in the book and gets away with it. Not to mention the perfectly sensuous and snarling vampiric kiss-off at the end, "And I'm gonna suck ya!"

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Electric Warrior 1971 Rhino 4:13
No Image 1985 Warner Bros.
Get It On [MFP] 1986 Prism Leisure Corporation (UK) / Prism Entertainment / Prism Platinum
Sounds of the Seventies: FM Rock, Vol. 1 1992
Various Artists
No Image 1994 Griffin 4:12
No Image 1995 Castle Music Ltd.
Essential Hits Collection 1998
Various Artists
Crimson Productions 4:11
Sounds of the Seventies, Disc 1 [Time Life] 1999
Various Artists
Time / Life Music 4:11
Cosmic Dancer 2000 Edel America Records / Edeltone 3:44
Solid Gold: The Best of T.Rex 2002 Repertoire 4:12
Boogie On 2003 Pilot 5:07
The Legend of T. Rex 2003 A&M / Universal 4:12
Born to Boogie 2005 Sanctuary 5:00
Death Proof [Original Soundtrack] 2007
Original Soundtrack
Warner Bros. / Maverick 4:09
Greatest Hits 2007 UMVD 4:11
Greatest Hits [Teichiku] 2008 Teichiku Records 4:11
T-Rex Swordsman 2008 Universal Distribution 4:12
Tarantino Experience: Take II 2009
Various Artists
Music Brokers 4:03
Get It On: The Collection Polydor / Spectrum Audio
Seventies Collected
Various Artists
Universal Music 4:13