Depeche Mode

It's No Good

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One could easily question the sequencing of Ultra, because the album reveals three of its strongest tracks in the first four songs. "It's No Good," along with "Barrel of a Gun" and "Home," easily takes its place among Depeche Mode's many classics. Even more than "Barrel of a Gun," "It's No Good" feels like it could have been a perfect fit on Violator. The song flows with a dark swagger, as trademark keyboard/synth sounds that are unmistakably Depeche Mode percolate and simmer. Producer Tim Simenon gives the song a glossy shine while still allowing for scuzzy percussion from Victor Endrizzio and an undercurrent of punchy industrial effects. David Gahan's vocals are bothered but confident, as if vocal coach Evelyn Halus has told him to simply relax and let the music flow over his voice. Martin Gore's lyrics are rather humorous and deftly to the point: "Don't say you love me, it's understood/Don't say you're happy, out there without me/I know you can't be, 'cause it's no good." Gore and Gahan paint the picture of a nonchalant lover with loads of patience. It's a kind of emotional security that's rare in Depeche Mode's music, as there's not an iota of angst on display. It has to be said that Gahan sounds a bit out-of-it during key passages in the song. Whether he's channeling his bouts with drug addiction and death is debatable, but his voice is somehow full of irony and irony-free all at once. "It's No Good" is a look to the past, through a prism of subtlety and maturity, as well as a marvelous injection of attitude on Ultra. Director Anton Corbijn's witty, colorful video for the song, in promotion of Ultra, expertly captured the song's spirit and Gahan's new self-confidence.

Appears On

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Universal Distribution
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