Dennis Brown

It's Magic

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Like "Slow Down Woman" this single was cut by Dennis Brown in 1983 for Prince Jammy. Jammy had an ear for melody, yet still tore up the dancehalls with his productions, and his rhythms were equally suited for singers as DJs. Here the pace is set by the percolating bass line and solid beats and riffs, but the beauty of the arrangement is found in Dean Fraser's exuberant sax solos that flood across the song.

It's boiling bottom end, counterpointed by the soaring sax, beautifully sets off Brown's own performance. Love is magic, and the singer swings from deep soulfulness to sheer exhilaration. "It's Magic" was another major hit for the singer.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Slow Down 1987 Greensleeves Records 3:27
Party Time 1994 Sonic 3:25
Don't Call Me Ska Face 1997
Various Artists
Dressed To Kill
Jamaica Ska-Kore 1 1997
Various Artists
Dressed To Kill 3:02
Jamaica Ska Kore [Riviere] 1998
Various Artists
Cleopatra 3:02
Greatest Reggae Album of All Time [Dressed to Kill] 1998
Various Artists
Dressed To Kill 3:02
Ska'd for Life 1999
Various Artists
Dressed To Kill 4:49
Reggae Legends, Vol. 2 1999 Artists Only! 3:20