In Only Seven Days

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This breezy pop tune from Jazz is one of John Deacon’s most inspired efforts. The clever lyrics chronicle a love affair that is played out over seven days when a shy guy gets the girl he fantasizes about during a one-week vacation: "And then on Thursday/My luck had changed/She stood there all alone/I went and asked her name/I never thought that this could happen to me/In only seven days." The music brings a wistful quality to this tale with a combination of gentle verses that lope along in a yearning style and a euphoric chorus that appears only once at the song’s midsection. Queen’s recording of "In Only Seven Days" gives the song the warm, nostalgic feel it requires by building in on a gentle combination of piano lines and acoustic guitar riffs that are nudged along by some steady drumming. In contrast to the usual Queen style, elaborate vocal harmonies are eliminated altogether so Freddie Mercury’s dreamily-phrased lead vocal can take center stage. Brian May tops the tune off with an elaborate guitar break that blends several electric guitar lines into a single, lovely cascade of overdubbed sound. It all added up to a sweet, expertly-arranged pop tune that has become a cult favorite with Queen aficionados. "In Only Seven Days" never became a hit on its own but got plenty of additional exposure in the U.K. when it was used as the b-side of the top-ten hit "Don’t Stop Me Now."

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Jazz 1978 Island / Universal 2:29
Queen 40: Limited Edition Collector's Box Set, Vol. 2 2012 Hollywood / Hollywood Records (UK) / Universal Distribution 2:29