Gary Glitter

I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am!)

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"Rock'n'Roll" might be harder, "I Love You Love Me Love" might be wordier, and "Do You Wanna Touch Me" might be raunchier. But if any single record sums up everything Gary Glitter ever represented -- to his fans, to history, to British culture in general -- this is it. From the opening roar of a souped-up Harley Davidson, through the eternal backing chant of "come on come on come on," through a lyric which is so economic as to be positively stingy, and onto a false ending which is almost heart-stopping in its abruptness, "Leader of the Gang" is air-punching, foot-pounding, hip-swinging extravagance, an absolutely contagious stomper which ranks among the most instantly recognizable -- and triumphant (for who could not have wanted to be in the gang?) -- records ever made. And if the single -- Glitter's first U.K. number one during summer 1973 -- is a revelation, in concert the song rose to even greater heights, with the audience beginning to chant its refrain long before the Leader himself took the stage, and still bellowing it long after he'd left again.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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No Image 1980
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Back Again: The Very Best 1991 Pickwick 3:29
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Various Artists
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The Best of Gary Glitter [Simply the Best] 2001 Disky 3:26
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Box of Rock [Disc 5]
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