The Saints

(I'm) Stranded

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Just as rock & roll was a single name given to a variety of musical phenomena happening around the same time (rockabilly, doo wop, rhythm & blues, and other pop forms that embraced aspects of these styles and kids could dance to), what became known as "punk rock" or "new wave" in the mid-'70s encompassed music made by many different musicians whose main uniting factor was an annoyance with what was going on in mainstream rock. While the Ramones were reducing rock & roll back to three-chord juvenile delinquent noise in New York (and let me stress that that's a good thing), and the Sex Pistols were trying to bring down the British government and make money doing it in the U.K., down under in Australia, the Saints were taking the classic sounds of high-attitude '60s rock & roll (such as the Easybeats and the Pretty Things), stripping it to the bone, and cranking it up to 80 mph on their debut single, "(I'm) Stranded." It was a simple exercise in rock classicism, but executed with enough sneering, nervous energy to make it clear the Saints were up to something new. Chris Bailey's snarl was the stuff of a thousand garage bands elevated to true greatness, and Ed Kuepper's guitar was pure power-chord energy, but there was just enough melody in the song (and enough jangle in Kuepper's overdubs) to prove these guys were not mere noise merchants. Part of the beauty of punk's first wave was that as the style was working out its own parameters, anything seemed like suitable grist for the mill, and "(I'm) Stranded" showed a certain amount of pop-smart sophistication wasn't out of place in punk rock -- a direction the band would pursue much further with their second album, Eternally Yours.

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