Fine Young Cannibals

I'm Not the Man I Used to Be

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Although "Don't Look Back" was to be the Fine Young Cannibals final Top 40 hit in the US, back home the trio continued to scale the charts, as several more singles were culled off their smash The Raw & the Cooked album and sent on their way to hit-dom.

"I'm Not the Man I Used to Be" was the fourth track pulled for this purpose, an emotive number with a far from soul-inspired arrangement, as the drum programming boasts the kind of jungly rhythm that will soon be driving Britain's burgeoning techno scene. Those beats are prominent in the mix but, behind them, lies a much more evocative picked guitar, as well as moody keyboards which conjure up the haunting atmosphere that swirls around this song.

Overhead, Roland Gift laments, indeed, that he's no longer the man he once was. His introspective lyrics and almost wistful performance, eventually swelling into a soulful tour de force, totally belie the snapping beats and brash brass that trumpet in at the song's climax, firmly gelling the rich emotions and moods that are the core of this number.

Co-written by David Steele and Gift, "Man" was released on 45 in November, 1989, and returned the trio to the UK Top Twenty.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Raw & the Cooked 1988 I.R.S. Records / London [UK] / Sony Music Distribution 4:21
The Finest 1996 MCA 4:22
The Platinum Collection 2006 Phantom Import Distribution / Warner Platinum 4:19
The Collection Rhino / Warner Bros.