Buddy Johnson / Ella Johnson

I'm Just Your Fool

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This R&B anthem was recorded in New York City in 1953. Ella & Buddy Johnson were a brother and sister team that had one of the best backing bands in the business. Red Foxx would fly the entire band to Las Vegas for his New Year's Eve party. Ella Johnson's delicate and deceptively sweet phrasing was ideally suited to ballads such as this. This single was recorded at a time when the R&B and pop markets began to move farther apart. It was at this time that the driving backbeat of uptown R&B was moving up to the front of the stage, while rock & roll was just beginning its long and winding road. Buddy Johnson composed most of the band's songs including "I'm Just Your Fool." He filled the B-sides with novelties and it became obvious that the hitmakers were the vocals of his sister, Ella Johnson. The best cover of the single was done by Roomful of Blues on their 1994 album Dance All Night. Sugar Ray Norcia's voice and phrasing do the song justice with great feeling, style, and soul.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Buddy and Ella Johnson 1953-1964 1992 Bear Family Records 2:54