Brian Eno

I'll Come Running

Composed by Brian Eno

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When the electronic warriors of the post-punk late '70s hailed Eno as a figurehead of the entire movement, "I'll Come Running" is probably not one of the songs they were thinking of. A jaunty piano-led lyric picks up where his first album's "On Some Faraway Beach" left off, as Eno ruminates on the joys of getting away from everything, watching the seasons, and playing solitaire by the window until the day his true love comes through the door, "then I'll come running to tie your shoes." It's a staggeringly simple, lovely little song, quite out of place within the increasingly murky waters to be found elsewhere in Another Green World, but an integral part of that landscape nevertheless. Robert Fripp's "restrained lead guitar" and a pair of castanet guitars lay out the sonic backdrop -- imagine their sound and you already know half the song. Spend a few months alone awaiting someone's return and you can guess the rest.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Another Green World 1975 EMI / Virgin 3:49
No Image 1986 EG Records 0:00
Eno Box II: Vocals 1993 Virgin 3:49
No Image 1994 Griffin 0:00