I Wanna Be Sedated

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One of the best-known Ramones songs, "I Wanna Be Sedated" follows the band's formula -- short, simple, and catchy with an early-'60s rock & roll feel. The Ramones were always predictable yet likable, and often included grotesque, absurd, and campy content, as shown with songs like "Cretin Bop," "Teenage Lobotomy," "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue," "The KKK Took My Baby Away," "Pinhead," "Beat on the Brat," "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment," "Psychotherapy," and so on. "I Wanna Be Sedated" falls into that subcategory of Ramones material as well -- with lyrics like "Put me in a wheelchair, get me to the show/Hurrry, hurry, hurry, before I go loco/I can't control my fingers, I can't control my toes." "I Wanna Be Sedated" is played and sung with such gleeful abandon -- complete with handclaps -- that sedation is hardly likely.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Road to Ruin 1978 Import 2:29
Ramones Mania 1988 Sire 2:29
Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones Anthology 1999 Rhino 2:31
Loud, Fast Ramones: Their Toughest Hits 2002 Rhino 2:29