I Stole Your Love

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This punchy, pop-tinged rocker became a live favorite for Kiss in the late '70s thanks to its catchy hooks and energy. Lyrically, "I Stole Your Love" was reminiscent of the Rolling Stones song "Under My Thumb" as it portrayed a vengeful narrator declaring his control over a lover who had once tried to give him the runaround: "You played with my heart, played with my head/I got to laugh when I think of the things you said/'Cause I stole your love, stole your love/Ain't never gonna let you go." Musically, Paul Stanley took his inspiration for "I Stole Your Love" from the Deep Purple classic "Burn" and fashioned a fast-paced rock track that matched twisty verses that sped through countless notes at a blinding pace to a slower, punchier chorus that delivered its hooks in a stomping style. Kiss gives the song a tight arrangement on its recording of "I Stole Your Love": after a stop-start intro where choppy guitar riffs are punctuated by quick bursts of drums, the song kicks into a taut arrangement where power chords are pushed along at a fast clip by steady drum work from Peter Criss. All these touches helped make "I Stole Your Love" a song that was as fiery as it was hook-laden. As a result, it made the perfect album opener for Love Gun and also became the concert opener of choice on the Love Gun tour.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Love Gun 1977 Mercury / Casablanca 3:04
You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!! 1996 Mercury / Polygram 3:32
The Box Set 2001 Mercury / Universal Distribution 3:05
The Very Best of Kiss 2002 UTV / Universal Distribution 3:05
Gold: 1974-1982 - Sound+Vision 2004 Mercury 3:06
Gold 2005 Mercury 2:59
Classics 2008 Mercury / Island / Island Def Jam Music Group / Universal 3:05
The Complete Collection 2008 Mercury / Island / Universal 3:05
IKONS 2008 Mercury 3:06