I See You

The Pretty Things

Song Review by Stewart Mason

The climax of side two of S.F. Sorrow, "I See You" is, more or less, the "See Me, Feel Me" of the album, the song on which the titular protagonist comes face to face with himself and his singular humanity or...something. Honestly, it's tough sledding making heads or tails out of the storyline of this album. Suffice to say the "you" in the title is Sebastian F. Sorrow himself. Anyway, despite the fairly opaque lyrics, "I See You" is a genuinely trippy slice of semi-heavy psychedelia with an excellent sense of pacing and dynamics, swooping from quiet, dramatic pauses into swelling, anthemic climaxes. Lead guitarist Dick Taylor has a light hand with the effects box, adding tasteful washes of wah-wah and phasing to his solos without drowning in a period-specific miasma of effects; similarly, the suitably oh-wow use of Leslie speakers on the chorus line is just enough to be far out, not so much that it's silly.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
S.F. Sorrow 1968 Snapper / Original Masters 3:56
Real Pretty 1975
Psychedelic Years, 1966-1970 2002 Recall (UK) 6:11