Depeche Mode

I Feel You

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Depeche Mode settle into a storming, squalid rock swagger to open Songs of Faith and Devotion. "I Feel You" feels quite a bit like a sequel, at least musically and in tone, to Violator's "Personal Jesus." The fuzzy, extreme guitar twang might bring memories of that earlier song, but the vibe is more confessional and spiritual, at least on the surface. David Gahan almost screams Martin Gore's lyrics, venting as emotionally as if he's confessing his love to God in a church. Gahan's punchy inflection sits perfectly against the thunderous, fuzzy buzz of electronics and guitar samples. The driving, throbbing beat invokes imagery of repetitive industrial manual labor, perhaps of workers pounding away in the blistering sun to build a railroad. If one was to take the album's title literally, "I Feel You" would be a song of devotion, but it's delivered as if it's a song of faith. When he sings, "This is the morning of our love, it's just the dawning of our love," it's quite easy to mishear the vocals as "this is the morning of Allah, it's just the dawning of Allah." Depeche Mode always tie love and lust together with other feelings, whether religion, violence, or sorrow. That "I Feel You" feels simultaneously like a religious song and a dark love song is merely a testament to how powerful Gore is as a songwriter and how tight the band was musically at this point, even as it collapsed internally.

Appears On

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