The Troggs

I Can't Control Myself

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"I Can't Control Myself" was the Troggs' third consecutive huge hit in Britain in 1966, making number two, although controversy over the lyrics kept it out of the Top 40 stateside. Barely concealed lust had been well in evidence in the Troggs' earlier recordings, and it was even more in evidence on "I Can't Control Myself," which opened with an unforgettably anguished Reg Presley screaming "oh no." A zoom of a bass line downwards and the band was into the main verse. As in the Troggs' previous hit, "With a Girl Like You," there were goofy vocal scats of "bah bah bah"s following several lines in the verse, though the melody was different this time around, and also these were done by the band, not by Presley alone. Where the lyrics of "With a Girl Like You" were unobjectionably innocent, however, "I Can't Control Myself"'s words were blatantly suggestive, to the point where the words weren't making suggestions but spelling sexual desire out pretty clearly. In particular the line about the slacks hanging low and hips showing, sung with unsuppressed hunger, didn't leave much to the imagination. Nor did the final parts of the verse, where the melody ascended dramatically before pausing for Presley to seethe the title phrase, after which the band crashed conclusively on a chilling minor chord. The sense of longing became more pronounced on the bridge, as the guitars alternated between two minor power chords, the rhythm slowed to a near waltz, and Presley slurred out his joy of loving to maximum sensuous effect. Presley also got pretty hot under the collar on the fade-out, his lyrics approaching screams as he repeated the song title. By the standards of the 21st century, the lyrics are just another walk in the park, but by the measure of 1966, they were very daring and caused enough curtailment of airplay in the United States to destroy the song's chart chances.

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