Kate Bush

Hounds of Love

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Although Kate Bush's Hounds of Love album faltered in the U.S., reaching only number 30 on the charts, it went to number one in the U.K., with the title track climbing to a respectable number 18. Bush's only Top 40 single in the United States came in the form of 1985's "Running Up That Hill," but the anxious tempo and melodic sweep inside "Hounds of Love" makes it one of her strongest efforts. Engulfed with a rather attractive orchestral tinge that's paired with the chorus, this one aspect alone gives the song more of a complaisant pop feel than most of her material. Not only is the song's musical makeup appealing, but the lyrics infuse a fairy tale aspect once again, the same type of fabled romanticism that made her "Wuthering Heights" single successful. "Hounds of Love" utilizes a certain pop/rock formula that remains within Bush's eccentric domain by grazing the song and not engulfing it, and more attention is given to the track's rhythm and movement than to Bush's voice, which makes for a refreshing change altogether. In January of 1987, Kate Bush's compilation package entitled The Whole Story became her best-selling album, with "Hounds of Love" emerging as one its finest cuts.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Hounds of Love 1985 EMI 3:02
The Whole Story 1986 EMI Music Distribution 3:02
No Image 1986 Pioneer
This Woman's Work [Box Set] 1990 EMI Music Distribution
1986: 20 Original Chart Hits 1997
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution 3:03
Remastered, Part I 2018 Rhino 3:02
Remastered, Part II 2018 Rhino 3:48
Remastered, Pt. 4 2018 Rhino