Frank Zappa

Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel

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Poor against rich: "Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel" is nothing else than your standard blues complaint, with a much faster tempo and an '80s Zappa twist. A businessman carried under by the depression is now catering at the Green Hotel. Meanwhile, the rich and the powerful are getting richer and more powerful. Hoping for help and change, he dismisses both U.S. political parties without pronouncing in favor of either: "Republicans is fine/If you're a multi-millionaire/Democrats is fair/If all you own is what you wear."

This is a depressing subject turned into a party song, thanks to a swinging beat and a blaring head theme (especially with the horn section of the 1988 tour). "Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel" was introduced at the beginning of the 1984 tour and stayed in the set list until Zappa retired from live performance (its slow-paced guitar solo feature in the middle secured its spot). It was always played after "Penguin in Bondage," for no apparent reason -- even the way the band segued the two was not particularly brilliant. The song first appeared on the Europe and Japan-only album Does Humor Belong in Music? in 1986 (released in the U.S. in 1995 only), but the version found on Broadway the Hard Way, from a 1988 show, is a lot stronger.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Cheap Thrills 1998 Rykodisc 6:40