Honey, Honey

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This early ABBA single was catchy enough to become a Top 30 hit in the United States (and score higher rankings elsewhere in the world) but lacks the melodic sophistication that made songs like "S.O.S." and "Dancing Queen" so memorable. With "Honey Honey," Ulvaeus and Andersson avoided their usual unconventional melodic twists and classical influences to create a tune with a sing-song, naggingly catchy quality reminiscent of bubblegum pop. As a result, it sounds like typical early-'70s Eurovision fodder. It's also weighed down by silly "amorous" lyrics that are at odds with the song's sugary accompaniment. Despite these problems, there are a few elements of experimentation in "Honey Honey": it contains a lovely ballad-styled bridge that is more memorable than the rest of the song and it is unique in that it has no chorus (however, it does use the title as frequently repeated, chorus-like hook in its lyrics). However, these clever elements can't overcome the overall uninspired feel of the song and this makes it one of ABBA's least memorable hits.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Waterloo 1974 Polydor / Universal 2:58
No Image 1975 Vogue
No Image 1976 Atlantic 2:55
Best of ABBA 1984 Silver Eagle Records
Hits 1987 Pickwick 2:52
More ABBA Gold: More ABBA Hits 1993 Polydor / PolyGram / Universal 2:53
Gold: Greatest Hits [Video] 1993 Polydor
Gold: Greatest Hits 1993 Polydor / PolyGram 0:00
Thank You for the Music [Box] 1995 Polygram 2:57
På Svenska 1995 Polar Records
Forever Gold 1998 Polydor / Polygram 2:56
Singles Collection 1972-82 1999 Polygram 2:56
The Originals 1999 PolyGram 2:55
25th Anniversary Singles Collection 1999 Polar Records 2:59
Complete Golden Collection 2000 Polygram 2:54
The Definitive Collection 2001 UTV / Polygram 2:55
Ring Ring/Waterloo/ABBA 2003 Universal International 2:58
The Complete Studio Recordings 2005 Universal / Universal International 2:59
No Image 2005 Universal Distribution 2:54
18 Hits 2006 Universal International 2:58
Greatest Hits: 30th Anniversary [Universal International] 2006 Fontana Distribution 2:57
Golden Years 2007 PHV
No Image 2007 Polydor
The Albums 2008 Polydor / Universal / Universal Distribution 2:56
ABBA Gold 2009 Universal Distribution 2:58
ABBA: The Vinyl Collection 2010 Polydor / Universal Distribution / Universal Music 2:56
No Image Universal Distribution
Light & Dark: The Platinum Tribute Collection Klone
The Best of ABBA Universal 2:56