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Just as vital to any Depeche Mode album as keyboards, emotionally bracing subject matter, and David Gahan's soul-revealing voice are Martin Gore's self-sung ballads. With the fragile, sweet "Home," Gore provides one of Ultra's true highlights. Except for the touching chorus, Gore offers all of his vocals in a choppy, endearing staccato style, punctuating every rhyming word with great emphasis. A slow trip-hop beat and subdued background distortion are the musical foundation over which crystalline keyboard melodies and string arrangements paint impressionistic drama. Ultimately, "Home" is about Gore finally feeling as if he's found his place in life. He professes endearing thanks for the help his friend or lover gave in helping him to feel that he "belongs." His swooning declaration of "I should have known from my first breath" seems perhaps his least inhibited vocal delivery, at least up to the release of Ultra. "Home" is every bit as powerful as Gore's more heart-wrenching ballads. That he's able to emote so optimistically makes the track a real treat. "Home" is a beautiful, positive force that reveals new charms with every listen.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Ultra 1997 Reprise 5:42
The Singles 86>98 1998 Mute / Reprise
Videos 1986-1998 1998 Warner Bros.
Home 1998 Reprise 5:46
The Singles 81>98 2001 EMI 5:46
Videos 86>98+ 2002 Mute
Singles Box, Vol. 6 2004 Mute / Reprise
Charts Pur: The Next Generation, Vol. 2
Various Artists