Brian Eno

Here Come the Warm Jets

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The title track of Eno's solo debut album shares, with the plaintive "On Some Faraway Beach," the mantel of his loveliest piece of period music. Essentially a showcase for bassist/guitarist Paul Rudolph, who leads the melody line, the four-minute instrumental is undercut by the sound of what could well be another band playing another song, a furious wall of percussion through which suggestions of an entirely different performance can be discerned. Only slowly do the two merge, with a distant vocal chorus hanging slightly off center but never rising high enough in the mix to feel quite like it belongs. It's a fascinating effect and a truly appropriate close to what was certainly one of 1974's most intriguing LPs.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Here Come the Warm Jets 1974 EMI 4:04
Eno Box II: Vocals 1993 Virgin 4:05
This Is Space [Box Set] 1997
Various Artists
Cleopatra 4:06
Space Daze 2002
Various Artists
Cleopatra 4:06
Electrospective 2012
Various Artists
Capitol 4:04
No Image
Various Artists
Capitol 4:02