Going to a Go-Go

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

Song Review by Andrew Hamilton

Nonstop propulsion and one of Motown's deadliest grooves with a horn arrangement that commands it like a cavalry of soldiers rumbling across the plains made this a fall/winter 1965 smash. The disco-before-its-time production is by Smokey Robinson and bass singer Warren Moore, with song credits assigned to Robinson, Moore, Bobby Rogers, and guitarist Marv Tarplin. Go-gos were hip places for young adults to boogie, and Smokey acquiesced and wrote a song about the venues. The venture bore fruit, soaring to number two pop but surprisingly scoring lower on the R&B chart at number 11. It faced stiff competition from its flipside, the melodic, full-of-sentiment "Choosey Beggar."

Appears On

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Various Artists
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