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This sturdy, tongue-in-cheek rocker stands alongside "Don't Fear the Reaper" and "Burnin' for You" as one of the most popular items in the Blue Oyster Cult catalog. The lyrics pay affectionate tribute to the Japanese film monster that gives it its title: "Oh no/There goes Tokyo/Go, go, Godzilla." However, songwriter Donald Roeser also keeps the song true to Blue Öyster Cult's cryptically witty style by closing the song with the lines "History shows again and again/How nature points up the folly of man." The melody captures the bombast of old-fashioned monster movie music, building itself on a low-pitched instrumental hook that pushes the song along in a mock-ominous fashion. Blue Öyster Cult's recording pulls the song into heavy metal territory with a guitar-heavy arrangement that bursts out of the gate with a low-slung guitar riff worthy of Black Sabbath, then adds layers of higher, almost whining guitars over a militaristic drum beat from Albert Bouchard. It also adds in some fun production frills, like a phony radio announcement at the midpoint that warns listeners to run for cover in Japanese. The result is an amusing rocker that quickly became a radio favorite for the group, not to mention an instant part of their live set.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Spectres 1977 Columbia 3:41
The Best of Blue Öyster Cult: Don't Fear the Reaper 1983 Legacy / Columbia 3:42
On Flame with Rock and Roll 1990 Sony Music Distribution / CBS Special Products 3:42
Hot 'n Heavy 1991
Various Artists
Columbia 3:43
Cult Classic 1994 Herald Records 3:42
No Image 1994
Various Artists
Risky Business / Sony Music Distribution 3:41
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Revisited 1996 Gusto Records 3:43
Rock Anthems [K-Tel] 1998
Various Artists
K-Tel Distribution
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Freaks Come out at Night 1998
Various Artists
Madacy Distribution / Madacy 5:42
Blue Öyster Cult [Platinum Compilation] 2000 Platinum Disc 7:00
Classic Rock, Vol. 1 [Platinum Disc] 2000
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Platinum Disc 3:42
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Madacy 3:43
A Long Day's Night [Video/DVD] 2002 Sanctuary
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Epic 3:41
The Essential Blue Öyster Cult 2003 Sony Music Distribution 3:42