The Byrds

Glory, Glory

Composed by Arthur Reynolds

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Led by a striking piano pattern by studio ace Larry Knechtel, "Glory, Glory" leads off the somewhat uneven Byrdmaniax album off with a bang. It's an inspiring, full-on gospel/rock meltdown à la the Edwin Hawkins Singers' 1969 hit "Oh Happy Day." Buoyant and uplifting, it's also interesting to see Roger McGuinn embracing the gospel way of life at this point, clearly several years before his late-'70s conversion to Christianity. Like a revival meeting, the song calls the listener into the experience of salvation with a great sense of anticipation. Adapted from the same source as "Jesus Is Just Alright" from The Ballad of Easy Rider, it is a great extension of that fine arrangement, and this Artie Reynolds Singers classic fit the Byrds' milieu perfectly; it is indeed one of the highpoints of this period of the band's legacy.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Byrdmaniax 1971 Legacy / Sony Music Distribution 4:05
Ultimate Byrds 1998 Legacy / Columbia 4:00
The Essential Byrds 2003 Columbia / Legacy 4:01