Red Hot Chili Peppers

Give It Away

Composed by John Frusciante / Anthony Kiedis

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The first single off the Red Hot Chili Peppers' quadruple-platinum smash Blood Sugar Sex Magik, "Give It Away" didn't achieve the massive pop success of its follow-up, "Under the Bridge," barely peaking in the Top 75, but it did become one of the band's most instantly recognizable songs, thanks mostly to Anthony Kiedis' nonsensical raps, Flea's jumping, sliding, popping bass line, and Pete Weiss' jew's-harp boinging away in the background; plus, MTV jumped all over the visually distinctive video, which featured the scantily clad bandmembers cavorting in the desert wearing silver body paint. Kiedis' lyrics were a free-associative mixture of positive vibes, tributes to musical heroes, and free love, and their literal meaning was often as difficult to understand as Kiedis' nasal, staccato enunciation. But that distinctive vocal style helped make the most comprehensible lines even catchier and more memorable, greatly enhancing the song's appeal. John Frusciante's guitar should not be underappreciated either, his noisy, scratchy funk-rock work adding depth and texture to the powerhouse rhythm section of Flea and Chad Smith. Frusciante also adds the song's two most unpredictable change-ups: a sudden contrast to Kiedis' hyperactivity in the form of a languid solo pre-recorded and dubbed backwards over the rhythm track, and a hard-rocking riff which is not introduced until the song's outro and bears a more than suspicious resemblance to Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf." Funky and hard-rocking, horny and cheerfully loopy all at the same time, "Give It Away" stands as one of the Chili Peppers' best singles, and a landmark single in relation to popular acceptance of funk-metal.

Appears On

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