James Brown

Get Up Offa That Thing

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As the 1970s hit their midway point, James Brown found it harder to score hits due to the rise of disco and its slick, polished sounds. However, Brown refused to give up the fight and still scored hits during this time. He retained his foothold by incorporating elements of disco into his sound without softening its funky drive. A good example of his work from this era is "Get up offa That Thing (Release the Pressure)." This song's strongest disco element is its lyrics: like many a disco epic, it consists of exhortations aimed at making the listener hit the dancefloor: "Get up offa that thing/And dance to you feel better/Get up offa that thing/And try to release that pressure." However, the music is a funkier affair, boasting a rousing melody with a gospel-inspired feel. James Brown's recording of the tune blends the disco and funk elements to powerful effect, utilizing the swooshing, cymbal-heavy drumwork and steady metronomic beat that characterizes the beat, but keeping the song in his funk tradition with swirling clavinet lines and horn blasts. However, it progresses over to pure funk territory as Brown and the band put the song element away to transform "Get up offa That Thing (Release the Pressure)" into a funky jam complete with a"Funky Drummer"-styled drum break. Brown tops the song off by giving it an authoritative lead vocal that makes the song sound more like a command to dance than an invitation and by indulging in some call-and-response vocal interplay with the rest of the band. "Get up offa That Thing (Release the Pressure)" didn't break the Top 40 on the pop charts, but its relentlessly danceable feel made it a Top Ten hit on the R&B charts. It is considered by James Brown fans to be one of the best tracks from his late-'70s era and Brown later performed the song with Dan Ackroyd in his hit 1983 comedy Doctor Detroit.

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