Creedence Clearwater Revival

Fortunate Son

Composed by John Fogerty

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"Fortunate Son" was, with its flipside "Down on the Corner," a double-sided #3 single in late 1969 for Creedence Clearwater Revival. Musically, though powerful, it was perhaps a shade less memorable than Creedence's other huge hits of the era, like "Down on the Corner," for instance. Lyrically, though, it was one of songwriter John Fogerty's strongest and most uncompromising statements. Too much, perhaps, has been made by some critics of a pro-working class and anti-privilege ethos in the song, with some seeing it as a blast against those wealthy families who were able to keep their sons out of Vietnam while less affluent people had less options. It's more of a screed against the privileged in general, using and subscribing to patriotism while sending others to do the dirty work of fighting. At any rate, Fogerty -- who, incidentally, did serve in the army reserve and knew something about having to pay the consequences of militarism -- makes his stance on the matter clear, if blunt. That's especially so in the chorus, where Fogerty hammers home the point again and again: it ain't him, he's not a fortunate son. (Interestingly, the title "Fortunate Son" is sung just once, in the very last one; more often, he uses the phrase "I ain't no fortunate one.") Although the guitar riffs "Fortunate Son" are constructed around are more basic and less memorable than those on some other Creedence hits, they're effective enough, starting with the slightly devious, curling one that opens the track. The verses are mostly a rushed three-chord background for Fogerty to spit-howl his venom against, though there's a lot of sincere soul as well, particularly when he hits the highest notes.

Appears On

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