Buffalo Springfield

Flying on the Ground Is Wrong

Composed by Neil Young

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One of the lesser-known gems of Neil Young's Buffalo Springfield days, "Flying on the Ground Is Wrong" is arguably slighter than either "Mr. Soul" or "Broken Arrow," but its wistful melody and evocative lyrics make it one of the prettier songs of Young's entire career. Richie Furay takes the lead vocal, his much sweeter voice emphasizing the winsome tune instead of the inscrutability of the lyrics (what on earth does the title mean, anyway?). Young himself contributes a lovely lead guitar part heavy on the sort of ringing sustain that proves that Buffalo Springfield was a big influence on later jangle pop bands. Although "Flying on the Ground Is Wrong" was never released as a single and never attracted much attention at the time of its release, it has since become a favorite of latter-day Neil Young fans. David Roback sang the song on his Rainy Day side project with other members of the mid-'80s paisley underground, and the Sneetches did a particularly sweet version on their 1993 album Think Again.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Buffalo Springfield 1966 Atco 2:43
Buffalo Springfield [Box Set] 2001 Atco / Rhino 3:11
What's That Sound? Complete Albums Collection 2018 Atlantic / Rhino 2:42