Minnie Riperton

Feelin' That Your Feelin's Right

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Singer Minnie Riperton could be wonderfully introspective on life's lessons. On the sweetly uplifting "Feelin' That You're Feelin' Right," the songstress oozes an enthralling positiveness that uplifts the listener. At once, she's given "wandering souls" a prescription for a better life, and she enthuses: "I can't believe what seems so hard comes so easily.../now I've got to find a way to show you/cause it's too good to lock inside myself." "Feelin' That You're Feelin' Right" was a popular radio-aired album track from her sensational Adventures in Paradise album, produced by Stewart Levine and featuring the Crusaders.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Adventures in Paradise 1975 Capitol 4:30
Free Soul: The Classics of Minnie Riperton 1999 EMI 4:28
Lovin' You and Other Assorted Love Songs 2003 EMI 4:31
Perfect Angel/Adventures in Paradise 2004 Stateside 4:21