My Bloody Valentine

Feed Me with Your Kiss

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The leadoff and default title track from the second EP released in conjunction with Isn't Anything, "Feed Me With Your Kiss" is a slight step back from that album and the preceding You Made Me Realise EP. More in keeping with the moody, gothy rock of My Bloody Valentine's much-inferior earliest records, "Feed Me With Your Kiss" has a peculiar feel, pitched somewhere between the bombastic self-importance of mid-'80s Nick Cave and the ethereality of prime Cocteau Twins, mixed with the same sort of slightly dopey S&M-tinged lyrics as the roughly contemporaneous "Cigarette in Your Bed," proving that it was in the long run a very smart idea for Kevin Shields to completely bury the lyrics on My Bloody Valentine's later work.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Feed Me with Your Kiss [CD Single] 1988 Creation 3:56
You Made Me Realise [Mercury] 1988 Mercury 3:56
Isn't Anything 1988 Warner Bros. / Creation / Sire 3:54
EPs 1988-1991 2012 Sony Music 3:57