The Replacements

Favorite Thing

Composed by Chris Mars / Bob Stinson / Tommy Stinson / Paul Westerberg

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After the poppy-folky shock of the opening "I Will Dare," "Favorite Thing" probably caused the Replacements' early fans to relax: its hoarse opening shout and familiar punky chords sound comfortingly similar to the band's earlier records, and the fact that the first completely intelligible line Paul Westerberg delivers, after a particularly marble-mouthed opening verse, is "I don't give a single shit" was probably equally encouraging. The difference is that "Favorite Thing" is taken at a slightly slower tempo that allows Westerberg and Bob Stinson to add a little Southern-style jangle to the guitars; as a result, "Favorite Thing" sounds rather like a young R.E.M. covering something off Cheap Trick's first album. Similarly, Westerberg's lyrics are a bit softer in tone than most of his earlier songs; this is an unabashed love song, something Westerberg was too self-conscious to write in the Replacements' early days. While a lot of early fans felt that the Replacements went soft on their later albums, "Favorite Thing" proves that there was a middle ground between "Fuck School" and "Merry-Go-Round."

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Let It Be 1984 Restless Records 2:19
The Complete Studio Albums: 1981-1990 2015 Rhino 2:20