Fat Bottomed Girls

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1978 saw Queen score a big double-sided hit in their homeland of England -- a single that contained the merry Freddie Mercury tune "Bicycle Race" on one side and a sleazy piece of Brian May rock on the other, "Fat Bottomed Girls." The band caught some flack from longtime fans who felt that the band had no business doing risqué rock and should stick with positive and spiritually based anthems (such as "Somebody to Love," "We Are the Champions," "Keep Yourself Alive," etc.). Looking back, though, it's not nearly as raunchy as some made it out to be -- and remains one of Queen's best rockers. The song is based on a detuned guitar riff that is both bluesy and metallic, while the song begins with its chorus -- as Queen shows off their impeccable vocal harmony skills (reminiscent here to that of California country cowboys the Eagles). Although the song was rarely played live, it remains a classic rock radio favorite to this day.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Greatest Hits [1981] 1981 EMI Classics 3:22
No Image 1981
The Show Must Go On 1991
Greatest Hits [1992] 1992 Hollywood 3:02
No Image 1992 Hollywood 0:00
Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 1995 Hollywood 3:24
Rocks, Vol. 1 1997 Hollywood 4:15
The Crown Jewels 1998 Hollywood 4:17
Greatest Hits: I II & III: The Platinum Collection 2001 Hollywood 3:25
Gold 2003 EMI Music Distribution 3:22
Greatest Hits 2004 Island 3:22
Greatest Karaoke Hits 2004 EMI / Toshiba EMI
Stone Cold Classics 2006 Hollywood 3:24
Monsters of Rock [EMI] 2006
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution
Greatest Hits/Greatest Karaoke Hits 2007 EMI Music Distribution
No Image 2008 Hollywood 3:26
The Singles Collection [13 CD] 2008 Parlophone 3:23
Icon 2013 Hollywood 4:18
Bohemian Rhapsody [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2018 Hollywood / Hollywood Records 4:37