The Wedding Present

Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft

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In the Wedding Present's early days, David Gedge was a master of presenting real-world emotional conflicts in a way that most pop-song lyricists never think of. Instead of the usual boy/girl clichés, Gedge focuses on small moments of anger, pettiness or confusion, set to his indie-jangle tunes in an appealingly conversational way. The opening track of the Wedding Present's debut album, 1987's George Best, is a perfect example: there have been plenty of pop songs about cheating girlfriends over the decades, but few are as needling as "Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft." Gedge is unafraid to come across as a petty jerk here, and as the verses skirt around the real topic at hand (at one point, he asks to borrow a book, and at another, he inquires about the quality of the film his girl and her new friend were spotted at), the chorus gets right to the point, both admonishing her to stop trying to explain herself and passive-aggressively sulking with the key line "Everyone thinks he looks daft but you can have your dream." It's a remarkably unpleasant set of lyrics, made more so by the fact that most listeners have probably behaved this badly to a significant other at some point. Musically, the song is less manic than most of the Wedding Present's early tracks, an uncharacteristically midtempo stroll that features a particularly great staccato lead guitar riff from Peter Solowka.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
George Best 1987 Cooking Vinyl 4:10
The Radio 1 Sessions: The Evening Show 1988 Strange Fruit 3:42
No Image 1992 BMG Video / RCA 0:00
Registry 1999 SpinART Records 4:09
George Best 30 2017 Scopitones 3:40