Badly Drawn Boy

Everybody's Stalking

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"Everybody's Stalking" from Badly Drawn Boy (born Damon Gough)'s excellent The Hour of Bewilderbeast album, rocks you ever so gently following a dramatic segue from the LP's delicate opener, "The Shining." Propelled by the pulse of Ian Smith's shuffling groove, Gough supports an infectious melody by accompanying himself with warmly churning guitar, bass, and tambourine as he struggles to strike a balance which will allow the object of his obsessive compulsions to warm to his smothering overaffection.

A wiry guitar lick pokes through the warm crunch of guitar, grabbing the listener's attention as it suddenly appears out of the delicate waning moments of the preceding track. Smith soon joins the action with a retrograde drum fill, rising up to the snare as acoustic guitar and bass complete the sound as it eases into mid-tempo cruise speed. Gough contemplates the shifting battle between obsession and reason as he sings in low rounded tones, "Been feelin' high/And then feelin' low/You strap your hands across my engines/I'm not broke so please don't mend me/You're like a neon sign/You just burn so bright/Penetrates my human flesh and you give me feelings I can't mention." The melody rises optimistically to a brief chorus, guitars chiming under the soft swish of cymbal as Gough offers, "Maybe, all I need, you need too?/Don't wait for me, I'll wait for you." The snaking guitar lick returns to drive the hook home before the tug of war between heart and head deepens in the following verse, "I'm gonna follow you around/I'm gonna wear you down/I don't want to alienate ya'/You've got as long as it might take ya'/Good things come in ones/Then double up in twos/Don't want to rain on your procession/Want to see through your obsession." An additional meandering guitar run is tossed into the mix and a soft slither of side guitar accents build the sound to a gentle climax as Gough repeats a pair of choruses that bring the track to a close.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Hour of Bewilderbeast 2000 Twisted Nerve / XL 3:39
No Image 2000 Twisted Nerve / XL
No Image 2001 XL
Have You Fed the Fish? 2002 Twisted Nerve / Artist Direct Records 0:00
Igby Goes Down 2003
Original Soundtrack
Spun Records 3:39