Pearl Jam

Even Flow

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To get too deep into an Eddie Vedder lyric can be dangerous. Once you start digging it’s hard to stop, so a song like “Even Flow” is best described as the lament of a guy who has hit hard times and has to live on the street. Whether it’s from self inflicted means or not is unimportant, but Vedder paints a picture of an obviously regretful, yet somewhat disturbed guy who hopes for a new start. That out of the way, “Even Flow” was the somewhat less ballady more swaggering follow up to the breakout single “Alive.” While both songs would feature videos of the band playing the song live (no MTV lip synching yet), “Even Flow” is punchier, it doesn’t even really have an intro -- it just starts and keeps going -- and the band seems more in the groove than on the overly earnest “Alive.” Even though “Alive” would be more of a long term sing along hit (both at shows and on the radio), “Even Flow” -- at the time of its release -- confirmed that Pearl Jam were more than just one hit grunge rock wonders.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Ten 1991
Epic 4:53
No Image 1993 SRL 5:09
Even Flow 1994 Epic 4:57
Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003 2004 Epic 5:03
Ten/Vs. 2007 EPC / Sony Music Distribution 4:53
Completely Unplugged 2018 Zip City 5:25
Only the Brave
Various Artists
Capitol / Capitol Nashville / Universal 4:54