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Blondie was unusual among the New York punk bands in that they were unafraid to dabble in the cheesiest conventions of pop music, not out of their much-vaunted "sense of irony," but because they genuinely loved them. As a result, Blondie was the only New York punk band to write many honest-to-AM love songs, and "Dreaming" is probably the gooiest of the lot. For all the downtown hipster references of Debbie Harry's lyrics, the soaring chorus is as googly eyed as Davy Jones in any episode of The Monkees where he falls in love with that week's guest star, and she jumps into it with the guileless verve of Lesley Gore singing "Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows." The song's real stars, however, are Chris Stein's bumblebee buzz guitar riff and especially Clem Burke, who overplays like Keith Moon on espresso-laced purple hearts, throwing utterly unnecessary rolls and fills into nearly every bar of the song. It's an amazing performance, possibly the most over-the-top effort by a rock & roll drummer in the entire 1970s, and a must to hear.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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No Image 1981 Polygram
The Best of Blondie 1981 Chrysalis Records 3:08
No Image 1983 Warner Home Video
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Various Artists
Time / Life Music 3:04
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Platinum Disc 4:41
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Original Soundtrack
Hollywood 3:06
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Various Artists
Platinum Disc 3:58
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EMI Music Distribution 3:05
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EMI Music Distribution 3:04
Greatest Video Hits 2002 Capitol
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EMI Music Distribution 0:00
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Bulletproof / Verve 3:04
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T2: Trainspotting [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2017
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Atomic/Atomix EMI Digital / Parlophone 6:21
For Dad
Various Artists
Mixed Repertoire / Parlophone / Warner Music 3:04