Gary Numan

Down in the Park

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Gary Numan brings his unique science-fiction fascinations to the fore with this song, one of his best-known (artists recording covers include the Foo Fighters). Numan himself has recorded a number of versions, including an instrumental piano version, and used to perform it in concert while seated in an odd contraption that allowed him to maneuver around the stage. The song is an artful combination of paranoid lyrics and a simple hook built over simple and rock-solid bass and drums from Paul Gardiner and Jess Lidyard. Numan paints a bleak picture of a future civilization where things have fallen apart; the narrator is a victim of something he (or she) can't remember, machines are at war with cyborgs, and the key selling point of the local eatery is its use as a vantage point for watching the mayhem. In short, it's a chilling little masterpiece that also functions as a key point in Numan's transition from a post-punk guitar-based approach to a more fully synthesized approach.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
No Image 1979 Intercord Klassische Diskothek
Telekon 1980 Beggars Banquet 2:27
Times Square 1980
Original Soundtrack
RSO 4:20
No Image 1987 4:22
Selection 1989 Beggars Banquet 0:00
Asylum 1 1990 Alfa 0:00
No Image 1990 Alfa
'78-'83: The Best of Gary Numan 1994 Beggars Banquet 4:21
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Archive, Vol. 2 1998 Rialto 4:58
Remodulate: The Numa Chronicles 1998 Cleopatra 4:50
Down in the Park: The Alternative Anthology 1999 Castle Music Ltd. 4:47
Exposure: The Best of Gary Numan 1977-2002 2002 Universal International 4:24
Disconnection 2002 Sanctuary 4:53
Hybrid 2003 Artful Records 5:31
Mutate 2003 Psychobaby Records / Jagged Halo 5:31
Resonator: Pioneer of Sound 2004 Artful Records 4:26
Here in My Car: The Best of 1984-1998 2004 Cleopatra 5:14
Goth Industrial Club Anthems 2005
Various Artists
Cleopatra 5:16