Johnny Cash

Don't Take Your Guns to Town

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Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Up Through the Years, 1955-1957 1986 Bear Family Records 0:00
I Walk the Line 1990 Payless 2:58
Giant Hits [CBS] 1990 CBS Select
The Man in Black: 1959-1962 1991 Bear Family Records 0:00
The Man in Black: Definitive Collection 1994 Commercial Sales / Concept / Sony Music Distribution 3:02
No Image 1998 Sony Music Distribution
Man in Black: The Very Best of Johnny Cash 2003 Sony Music Distribution
Singing at His Best 2004 Passport Audio
Country Legends 2004 Green Hill Productions 3:03
Bits and Pieces about Johnny Cash 2006 Delta Distribution / LA. Li 2:58
Boom Chicka Boom/Classic Cash 2006 Mercury 2:58
The Man in Black 2006 WHE 3:09
Don't Take Your Guns to Town 2007 Country Stars 3:02
The Line: Walking With a Legend 2008 Well Go USA
Original Album Classics 2008 Columbia 3:04
Super Hits, Vol. 2 2008 Sbme Special Mkts. 3:03
No Image 2008 Euro Trend / MCP
The Best of Johnny Cash [Entertain Me] 2008 Entertain Me 3:09
Gold: Greatest Hits 2008 Sony Music / Sony Music Distribution 3:01
Ultimate Johnny Cash Collection 2008 Collectables
Definitive Americana 2009
Various Artists
Not Now Music
Legends: Super Hits/Super Hits, Vol. 2 2010 Allegro Corporation / American Legends 3:03
Stories from the West 2011 Broken Audio
A Stash of Ca$h 2011 Not Now Music 3:00
101 Country Hits [DLG Digital] 2011
Various Artists
DLG Digital 3:03
Heroes of the Big Country: Johnny Cash 2012 DLG Digital
The Complete Columbia Album Collection 2012 Columbia / Legacy / Sony Legacy 3:02
The Rebel [Music Digital] 2013 Music Digital 3:03
No Image 2013 DLG Digital
Out Among the Stars/The Classics 2014 Columbia / Sony Legacy 3:03
The Complete Sun Releases and Columbia Singles: 1955-62 2015 Acrobat Music 3:03
10 Original Albums Documents
1958: A Time To Remember The Classic Years
Various Artists
Tabak 3:04
50 Country Classics
Various Artists
No Image
Various Artists
Forever Classic Hits
No Image
Various Artists
DLG Digital
Bob Dylan Radio Radio: Theme Time Radio, Vol. 5
Various Artists
Music Melon 3:01
Cold, Cold Heart: Early Bluegrass Heroes, Vol. 1
Various Artists
Broken Audio
Country Hits, Vol. 9 [Country Legacy Hits]
Various Artists
Country Legacy Hits
No Image
Various Artists
No Image
Various Artists
No Image
Various Artists
Hot Hundred: Country
Various Artists
Music Digital 3:01
No Image Topaz Records
Inspiration Delta Music Group 3:02
No Image K-Tel
Memphis, Vol. 3: Recordings from the Legendary Sun Studios
Various Artists
No Image Jasmine Records
The Legend [Sony] Sony Music / Sony Music Entertainment