Petula Clark

Don't Sleep in the Subway

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Similar to "A Sign of the Times," her hit from a year before, "Don't Sleep in the Subway" is yet another infectious Petula Clark smash that doesn't exactly reward close attention to its lyrics. Built around the enigmatic title and catchy chorus (with added lyrics thrown in seemingly just to tie everything in), the single reverses what was fast becoming a Petula Clark standby -- verses steadily building in anticipation, all leading to a massive climax during the choruses. Here, producer Tony Hatch takes the lead in the verses but pulls it all back during the chorus, with just a trilling electric piano and a few chimes to emphasize Clark's playful, only somewhat imploring vocals. A transcontinental hit in 1967, "Don't Sleep in the Subway" hit number 12 in Britain but leapfrogged up to the Top Five in America.

Appears On

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