Phil Collins

Don't Lose My Number

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The weakest of the hit singles from Phil Collins' commercial breakthrough No Jacket Required, "Don't Lose My Number" tries to sound dramatic and atmospheric, but from the elliptical storyline ? it's never satisfactorily explained who Billy is and why he shouldn't lose Phil's number ? to the terribly gimmicky production, this sounds like a mid-'80s equivalent to "Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)" or "The Night Chicago Died." Furthermore, this song is the exact point where Phil Collins' trademark booming gated reverb drum sound crossed the line from sonic trademark to extremely annoying and overplayed gimmick. Parts of No Jacket Required are really quite good, but "Don't Lose My Number" is a botch. Phil Collins must have known this, since the song's video was so overlaid with sound effects and dialogue that you could barely hear the song anymore.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
No Jacket Required 1985 Atlantic 4:46
12''ers 1987 Atlantic 6:36
No Image 1989 WEA
The Platinum Collection 2004 Virgin 4:49
The Singles 2016 Atlantic / Rhino 4:48
Remixed Sides 2019 Rhino 6:36