Harry Nilsson

Don't Forget Me

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Easily one of Harry Nilsson's most underrated songs, "Don't Forget Me" was also the lost gem of the ill-fated Nilsson/John Lennon collaboration, Pussy Cats. The over-indulgence and lack of focus that permeated that album took a vacation for three and a half minutes, and you have a true masterpiece. An exquisitely written, graceful pop ballad -- bordering on being a standard -- its lyrics are essentially a love letter from a recently divorced man to his ex-spouse. Despite its sad, downcast tone, lines like "You know I'll miss you/and miss the alimony too" can't help but make you giggle. An obscure (but talented) singer, John Cowan covered the song nicely on the Everybody Sings Nilsson tribute album.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Pussy Cats 1974 Buddha Records 3:40