Dionne Warwick

Do You Know the Way to San Jose

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Like "Send a Message to Martha (Michael)," "Do You Know the Way to San Jose" captures the theme of reaching for success (most likely in the entertainment business -- and definitely in Hollywood) only to find pitfalls. The sense of escapism is paramount here, and Bacharach and David capture this with a lighthearted wink and a wonderful sense of style. Musically, it's a pop ballad with a vague Motown thrust. The abundance of a larger than "normal" number of major chords here makes it a slightly unusual piece for Bacharach. The momentum is par for the (amazing) course. David's lyric frames the music delightfully, and the slight sense of sarcasm is absolutely delicious. Another added trademark -- especially with this songwriting team -- is the sense of geography, something that these two writers were already expert at. Again, a true pop standard, but the hit version by Dionne Warwick is the most definitive.

Appears On

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